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"Enhancement" options

from £10


Level up your relaxation with our enhancements. These are add-ons you can purchase along with foot / hand or face reflexology to further relax your mind and body and spirit during your treatment and/or to increase the clinical benefits.

All add-ons includes a final towel wrap (foot reflexology) to reach the top of relaxation - Please add 10 minutes to the duration of the treatment you choose.

Aromatherapy package - Foot and hand reflexology treatments only

Made up mainly of “fine” molecules, essential oils easily penetrate the body, taking a few minutes to pass into the bloodstream cutaneously, letting their active ingredients quickly reach the targeted organs.

Also, their aroma is transmitted to the brain in the form of nerve impulses and some of them can offer a psychological reactions, such as relaxation.

The pack includes

- Bespoke balm; addition of relevant essential oils in the reflexology balm.

- Essential oils diffusion

 - Final hot towel wrap. To reach the top of relaxation, we will wrap your feet with hot towel at the end of the treatment in which relevant essential oil will be added.

Reflexology Rate + £10


CBD - Foot and hand reflexology treatment only

Though we are just at the beginning when it comes to understanding their full potential, cannabinoids have already proven immensely powerful in applications related to wellness, physical therapy, and alternative medicine. 

CBD, one of the active compounds is know for its relaxing effect, helping with sleep and anxiety.

It is a powerful analgesic and is considered as a very effective natural supplements to promote pain relief. and to help for people suffering from conditions like restless leg syndrome, IBS, or arthritis...

Used with therapeutic applications, CBD can helps with sleeping, especially for people suffering from chronic pains and conditions like restless leg syndrome, IBS, or arthritis...

Reflexology rate +£15 for CBD balm

CBD and sleep:

Hot stones

Allow to yourself an additional benefit to your reflexology treatment, and to increase the efficacy of it, by getting a Basalt smooth heated stones massage on you feet/lower legs, on your hand/arm or on your face.

By warming the muscles, the warm stones will help to bring your body to experience a deeper state of relaxation, reducing the tension.

With a vaso-dilatation effect, it also helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. It helps to delocalize and eliminate toxins, restore and strengthen the immune system, and with relieving chronic pain.

It also invites to reconnect with our roots.

Duration: 20 minutes (to add to the duration of the treatment you chose).

Reflexology Rate + £20

Hot and cold stones

Alternation of hot and cold stones which creates great relaxation, a feeling of lightness, muscle relaxation, improves the quality of the skin, circulation...

The heat stimulates circulation and brings fresh blood, lymph and oxygen as the cold, with its vasoconstriction effect, contains the inflammatory response, allowing waste to be released. This contrast will reactivates the neurovegetative, hormonal and immune system, "flush" the circulatory system

Duration: 20 minutes (to add to the duration of the treatment you chose).

Reflexology Rate + £25

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