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Quality of Services


Quality treatments

Be aware of the qualification of your practitioner!!

There is currently no legislation specifically regulating reflexologists. This means it is legal for anyone to practice even if they have no or limited or formal qualification.

Also, reflexologists are not legally required to adhere to any standards of practice or to join an association or register.

With Reflex'O Papillon, you can be assured you will be treated by a Level 5 professional, qualified with the highest clinical reflexologist’s level in UK,

I am also a member of the professional association AoR (Association Of Reflexologists), accredited and registered for CAM.




Concerning facial reflexology, Nadine is qualified with Advanced facial Reflexology taught by taught by Ziggie Bergman, UK's leading expert in Facial Reflexology and  winner of the AoR Excellence Award for Innovation for creating the Bergman Method.

I always look for the excellence and the best experience for my clients, so I propose some extra free bonus with my services:

Aromatherapy; Being familiar with aromatherapy, I also add the benefice of organic essential oils by diffusing or adding the relevant ones to your situation into the waxes. Please indicate in the consultation form if you are allergic.

Dien Chan; As I have been trained with the basic level of Dien Chan Vietnamese multi-reflexes acupressure, I add some additional work with this very efficient technique during the advanced facial treatments

Hot towel;  Hot towel; Used for facial reflexology, the warmth of the towel can relax the facial muscles, increase circulation, open the pores and soften the skin. Plus, it just feels great! Using a warm towel, particularly in times of stress or after a long day can aid in relaxing your nervous system and reducing any tension felt in the face. -

Also Use of rose Quartz Cristal wand

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Health and Safety

Hygiene is very important to me, I respect high standard of hygiene. I also follow the AoR measures related to the spreads of infections (not only Covid19).

I have established the necessary risk assessments related to my activity and I follow them.

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Confidentiality / Data Protection

In accordance of the GDPR legislation, the information will be retained securely by me and will be held for 7 years as per recommendation of my insurance company.

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