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Baby Reflex


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Baby Reflexology
Parent training course

Toddler Reflex to come soon

Because a healthy baby is a happy baby

What is Baby Reflex ?


Baby Reflex is specially adapted Reflexology designed and created for application to babies. For babies the techniques are only practiced on the feet. With older children the hands can be used to similar effect. These techniques were developed for increasing the “‘bonding” between mother and baby, and over the years have helped to ease, relieve, & eliminate many discomforting conditions in babies.

The benefits baby may receive from a Reflexology treatment include:

·       Improved blood circulation and transportation of oxygen and nutrients.

·       Stimulation of digestive tract, thus helping to relive colic and constipation.

·       Encourages production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

·       Stimulation of lymph flow, thus boosting immune system and resistance to infection.

·       Increased relaxation and improved sleeping patterns.

·       Reduced anxiety and trauma, thus helping babies who experienced a difficult birth.

·       Promotes reassurance, emotional security, and trust.

·       Aids recovery from childhood aliments such as restless sleep, digestive complaints, skin conditions, teething, earache and catarrh.

·       Enhances bond between parent and child.

How is organised the teaching?

Combined treatments

Also, why not planning a combo session;

have a teaching at home and then, get your feet done (maybe with baby on you?)


1:1 moble session

Duration                         Mobile service


45 to 75 min                       £ 50

4 Sessions - Workshop

 Duration                 Venue to be confirmed


45 to 75 min each             £ 60     (Reduced to £ 15 each)    

Virtual 1:1 session

Duration                        Online


30 min                       £ 20

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