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About Me


My name is Nadine Rossi. I am French, settled in Northern Ireland since November 2019.

I am a level 5 qualified reflexologist, which is the the highest level of Reflexology training available in the UK, trained by Dorothy Kelly Academy of Reflexology, partnered with Centralia, an independent Approved Center fully regulated by the Awarding and Qualification Organisation Agored Cymru. I am a member of the Association Of Reflexologists (AOR).

I am someone motivated in helping people, and particularly by educating and empowering bodies when they meet difficult situations.

This is why my professional career brings me towards two mains fields:

- Social work: I have been a Care Worker with Asylum Seekers for 12 years. More recently, I have worked with homeless people and with young people with disabilities in Belfast.

- Humanitarian Aid: I have been a Logistician/administrator and Project Manager in Tajikistan, Sudan, Timor, Cambodia and more recently in North Korea.

In parallel, I have always been interested in personal development and spirituality. I think that the mind and body are intrinsically linked. I have been practicing meditation for 15 years and also Thai Chi / QiGong and Wutao, aromatherapy and Do In.

Resettled in Northern Ireland, I took advantage of this change to move toward new professional horizons. It is quite natural that I turned to well-being and holistic care. Reflexology appeared to me as an option which provides huge relaxation and also offers a tremendous ability to help everyone improve their emotional and physical state.

I am now more than happy with my new activity. I am so proud to offer a quiet and serene environment for the best "me time moment". I am also glad to offer bespoke care combined with a holistic dimension, aiming that each session will bring transformation and balance of the body and mind.

I plan to do more training, to gain new techniques to always offer the best to my clients.

Given I am regularly traveling in France, I also see clients in areas such as Lyon, Chambéry and Ardèche.

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Qualified Reflexologist Level 5

Centralia diploma min.jpg
Agored diploma min.jpg

Papillon = Butterfly

The butterfly (Papillon in French) is an insect that symbolizes freedom and joy, but also change. Through the stages of its transformation, it represents the evolution of the soul and the ability to evolve towards a state of well-being and health, free from stress, which is the goal of Reflex'O Papillon .

In addition, commonly called the butterfly effect, the phenomenon according to which a small and distant event can cause a significant indirect and unexpected consequence. In other words, according to this idea, just like reflexology, an action such as light pressure on the feet can have a long-term influence on your body and your mind.

Also, like a butterfly, I can fly and come to your place to provide a lovely treatment at your home...

The butterfly effect is an often misunderstood phenomenon wherein a small change in starting conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes. Understanding the butterfly effect can give us a new lens through which to view business, markets, and more.

Once upon a time, a man found a butterfly that was starting to hatch from its cocoon. He sat down and watched the butterfly for hours as it struggled to force itself through a tiny hole. Then, it suddenly stopped making progress and looked like it was stuck. Therefore, the man decided to help the butterfly out. He took a pair of scissors and cut off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily, although it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings. The man thought nothing of it, and he sat there waiting for the wings to enlarge to support the butterfly. However, that never happened. The butterfly spent the rest of its life unable to fly, crawling around with small wings and a swollen body. Despite the man’s kind heart, he didn’t understand that the restricting cocoon and the struggle needed by the butterfly to get itself through the small hole were God’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings to prepare itself for flying once it was free.

Moral of the story: Our struggles in life help to develop our strengths. Without struggles, we never grow and get stronger, so it’s important for us to tackle challenges on our own, and not rely on help from others all the time.

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