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care home reflexology

Care Homes / Supported Living:
Reflexology for Your Residents

and Care Homes

Many studies have been conducted to establish the impact that reflexology can have on health, and in particular for conditions with which care home residents suffer, such as dementia.

Thus, reflexology sessions are multiplying in care homes, either on residential homes or nursing homes. This helps to re-balance physical and psychological disorders, without interfering with the work of the healthcare teams.

These sessions have a fun, friendly side and generate social connections. The elderly person reconnects with their body and discovers their areas of stress and points of tension. It is true that touch is a primordial sense and elderly particulary appreciate hand reflexology.

Very easy to implement

  • Several options can be proposed, with different duration. The most common one is 15 minutes' sessions of hand reflexology

  • We can arrange sessions at a low price as part of a care home agreement, on a regular basis

  • It is very easy to implement and no need to undress

  • Using only natural ingredient balm

Hand reflexology is particularly appreciated by elderly people. Gentle relational touch with light pressure, pleasant dedicated moment.

Why not try a free taster session?

For any questions, specific requests or to arrange a taster session, please contact me

Care homes

According to the national census of care home residents in 2004, it appears that more than 50% of residents are diagnosed with dementia, stroke or other neuro-degenerative diseases.

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