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Combined reflexology
Combined reflexologie

Combined treatments

Choose the combined treatment you would like
face and foot - baby and mum...

Face / Hand / Foot

Experience the ultimate in holistic well-being with our combination treatment.

The most appreciated one is the Face and Foot Reflexology Combination Treatment, which integrates cleansing, oils, and hot towels for the face. Facial Reflexology harnesses the power of facial reflex zones and points to provide instant relaxation and enhance your overall sense of wellness. It effectively addresses concerns such as headaches, teeth grinding, sinus issues, facial tension, and fatigue. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation for a healthy complexion and gently releases emotional tension, helping you achieve a more youthful appearance while taking a holistic approach to your overall well-being. In parallel, Foot Reflexology offers a comprehensive therapy that applies precise pressure to specific points on the feet, corresponding to various organs and systems within your body. This practice is designed to induce relaxation, alleviate stress, and support your overall health by stimulating your body's innate healing mechanisms through your feet. Together, our Face and Foot Reflexology Combination Treatment provides a harmonious balance of relaxation, stress relief, and holistic wellness for both your face and feet, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated and reenergized.

If you prefer the touch of a hand treatment, we can arrange the time allocated in accordance of your choice, with face, hand or foot reflexology.

Some example:

- 60 minutes: 20 min of face relaxation + 40 min of clinical foot

- 90 minutes: 45 of advanced facial + 45 min of clinical foot

                    30 min of advance facial +30 min of hand + 30 min of foot relaxation

Baby reflex / foot - for new mums & pregnant women

Also, for the pregnant woman or new mum, we can propose a time for learning the baby reflex techniques for babies between 4 weeks of age to around 14 months (pre-walking age), associated to a "me-time" moment.

This is particularly appreciated by new mums,. The baby can lie down on his/her mum while she get her feet done.


Some examples:

- 60 minutes: 30 min of initiation to baby reflex teaching + 30 min of foot relaxation

- 90 minutes: 45 min of baby reflex teaching + 45 min of clinical foot


Single treatment

Duration                            Mobile service


60 min                        £ 60   

90 min                        £ 75   

Bundle 5 treatments

    Duration                             Mobile service


60 min each            £ 275     (Reduced to £ 55 each)  

90 min each            £ 350      (Reduced to £ 70 each)  

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