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I offer clinical feet and hand treatments adapted to your symptoms/conditions such as stress, hormone imbalance... I can propose specific treatments focused on fertility, pregnancy; back pain and palliative care. More than this, I practice NEPIP treatments; specifically for stress and anxiety reduction.

Depending of the treatments and of your time, you can pick up different duration's options. You can also choose one single treatment, or multiple options.


Clinical Foot Reflexology

Level 5 bespoke foot reflexology treatment adapted to your conditions/ symptoms.

This can be a specific treatment focusing on  fertility, pregnancy and palliative care.

I target the relevant reflex zones and can also include spine innervation, meridians acupressure, energy links, air reflexology and other techniques.


  • Single treatment

    • 60 min          £45  (instead of £55)

    • 90 min          £60 (instead of £70)


  • Set of 5 treatments

    • 60 min:     £200 (instead of £250                         (=£40 /treatments)

    • 90 min       £275 (instead of £325)

                                     (=£55 /treatments)

  • Palliative care treatment                    Duration from 20 to 40 min

For more information, please contact me


NEPIP Treatment

Le massage des points de pression 2

Hand reflexology

NEPIP = Neuro Endocrino Psycho Immuno Pody

Specific treatment, targeting distinct systems such as nervous and lymbic, focusing on stress reduction and depression prevention.

Treatment including intends, positive affirmation, breathing exercise and color visualization.


  • Single treatment:      £40    (instead of £50)

  • Set of 5 treatments:  £175  (instead of £225)

                                           (=£35 /treatments)

Level 5 hand reflexology adapted to your conditions/symptoms.

At a time when the hands are particularly solicited by various digital uses (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), palmar reflexology helps to relax them. The treatment is similar to feet ones, focusing on reflex zones.

In addition, it can be performed anywhere and without the need to undress. It is therefore more easily practiced than plantar reflexology.


  • Single treatment:      £40    (instead of £50)

  • Set of 5 treatments:  £175  (instead of £225)

                                           (=£35 /treatments)

Duration Treatment ; 45 min

Duration Treatment ; 45 min

"Friday Treat" promotion is still valid for owners of Voucher Cards gifted before 31/12/23
Des amis portant un toast

Possibility to arrange multiple treatments for specials events and parties

Please contact me to establish a quotation according to the number and time duration of the treatment requested


If you represent a company or a care home/supported living and are thinking about reflexology for your staff or residents

Please visit the page

Please contact me for any questions or requests

For the first treatment, please allow an additional 30 minutes to the appointment time, due to the free consultation prior to the treatment.

Please note that I would need a room of around 2.30 m x 2 m for installing my equipment.

A quiet, clean, tidy and warm place would be appreciate to get the maximum of benefice of the treatment.


Being familiar with aromatherapy, I also add the benefice of organic essential oils by diffusing or adding the relevant ones to your situation into the waxes. Please indicate in the consultation form if you are allergic.

Payments options are credit/debit bank cards, Online Paypal, mobile payments, bank transfers, and cash.


Cancellation policy:

A minimum 24-hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments is required. 

With at least 24 hours notice I will reschedule your appointment or I will be happy to provide full refund of the deposit you paid.

With less than 24 hours notice, a 50% fee of the full treatment value will apply, you will be offered a corresponding refund depending of the value you paid.

For no-shows (incorrect address provided or absent from home), a 100% fee of the full treatment value will apply, refund will not be provided.


For upfront or deposit payment of any package of 5 treatments, the following cancellation and refund policy apply:

With at least 24 hours notice, I will be happy to reschedule and no fee will be applied.

For less than 24 hours notice your treatment will be considered as occurred and therefore lost but you will be refunded 50% of the treatment value (it will be considered the price discounted and not the full price).

For no-shows (incorrect address provided or absent from home), the treatment will be considered as occurred and therefore will be lost.

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