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Hand reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Experience Level 5 Hand Reflexology tailored to your specific conditions and symptoms. In today's world, where our hands are constantly engaged in various digital activities such as computer work, smartphone usage, and tablet handling, palmar reflexology offers a soothing solution. Similar to foot reflexology, this treatment targets reflex zones on the hands, aiming to alleviate tension and promote relaxation. It provides a therapeutic approach to addressing the strain that often accompanies modern digital lifestyles.

In addition, it can be performed anywhere and without the need to undress. It is therefore more easily practiced than plantar reflexology.

It is particularly appreciated by elderly people.


Single treatment

Duration                         Mobile service


45 min                        £ 50   

Bundle 5 treatments

    Duration                           Mobile service


45 min each            £ 225   (Reduced to £ 45 each)  

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