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Pregnancy and post-partum reflexology

Foot reflexology is entirely appropriate to support the mother-to-be during her pregnancy. It has its place as a global approach aimed at maintaining harmony and balance.

There are many benefits of foot reflexology for pregnant women:
       Improves breathing and releases tension;
       Regulates sleep;
       Soothes stress and anxiety related to childbirth;
       Regulates the nervous system and hormonal system;
       Improves digestive disorders, transit, heartburn;
       Promotes blood and lymphatic circulation;
       Relieves nausea, back pain, sciatica;
       Eliminates toxins: in order to clean the organs to better accommodate baby;
       Promotes natural childbirth and reduces the duration of labor;

More than ever, now is the time to take care of the mother-to-be. The more relaxed the future mother is, the better she will enjoy her pregnancy and the baby's arrival will be peaceful.

There is a common misconception about Reflexology treatment within the first trimester. The first trimester is indeed the most ‘at risk’ stage of pregnancy with miscarriage occurring naturally and through no fault of the reflexologist. So, depending of the trimester, I will propose sessions with appropriate techniques, duration, frequency, pressure and focusing on systems and areas which need most attention; helping with any discomfort. I could also help with Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

Overdue baby; Only with the permission from your midwife and being full term and in good heath (no BP issues), I could perform labor priming treatment.

Post-partum; The mum certainly deserves reflexology after all the hard work carry, nurturing, laboring and delivering the little angel. Reflexology is a great tool for helping to restore and bring balance back to the body:

  Allows emotional, energetic and physical rebalancing
  Release of nervous tension
  Stimulates lactation
  Promotes sleep
  Relieves the digestive system
  Brings relaxation to young mothers
  Time for soothing and comforting care

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Single treatment

Duration                         Mobile service


60 min                                 £ 55  

90 min                                 £ 70

Bundle  5 treatments

 Duration                 Mobile service


60 min each               £ 250     (Reduced to £ 50 each)  

90 min each               £ 325      (Reduced to £ 65 each)  

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