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Double check your reflexologist's qualifications


Advanced Level 5 reflexology training in 2 days, for £395?

An online training of reflexology for £12 within a 2 hour course?

I find this very insulting, myself having studied for more than 14 months of my life, spending more than £4000 and completing 103 case studies to obtain a Level 5 in reflexology. And this is totally confusing for the clients who don't know the difference and can't experience the expected service that a real qualified therapist worthy at such a level can provide!

This is very bad for the credibility of reflexology in general. What is called Level 4 doesn't exist on the NQF, it is more a post grad course for qualified Level 3. The AoR (Association of Reflexologists) doesn't recognise any of the courses of this person. Only FHT allows this! Dorothy Kelly Academy is the only center recognised in NI to provide Level 5 courses (except for those at FE college)! So please, ensure your therapist is a genuine AGORED CYMRU acredited and regulated clinical reflexologist (who has earned the right to use CRM5 after their name).


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