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Fertility reflexology

Fertility Reflexology

What is Infertility?

Infertility is difficulty conceiving a child. Several causes are possible:

  • Hormonal (Polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian insufficiency, endometriosis for women and various sperm disorders in men, etc.). Whether in women or men, hormonal causes are imbalances which generate either too much or too little of the hormones necessary for reproduction.

  • Physical (tubal stenosis, uterine or fallopian malformation in women or meatal stenosis in men, etc.)

  • Emotional (stress, personal or inherited injuries, fears). Emotional causes induce a “non-reaction” of the body and its physical inability to conceive. Studies show that up to 25% of cases are unexplained; no specific cause is detected in both partners*, it is probably emotional factors.

* according to an INSERM study published on 09 19, 2009 link:

Why can reflexology help with difficulty conceiving?

Firstly, reflexology helps to re-balance the body and its systems. The reflexologist will exert pressure on the reflex zones to work on the endocrine system, stimulating the production of different hormones and impacting the production of follicles or sperm for example.

Secondly, a fundamental aspect of the human being is the mind! Our mind commands the body which commands the mind which commands the body, etc...
This is not a question of telling: “you have to stop thinking about it otherwise it will block you!”, you might have heard it too many times and might know it doesn't work like than.
It's about regaining awareness that you are not just ovaries or testicles! You are a being made of flesh and spirit and one cannot exist without the other. If it’s hormonal, emotional, unexplained then it’s possible!
You have the resources within you to be able to conceive, perhaps you just need a little help and that is what reflexology offers you.

Reflexology can help to conceive or be done alongside medically assisted procreation to facilitate the process.

During our first session, an assessment will be carried out and a treatment protocol will be put in place.
It is difficult to say how much sessions are necessary. Often, 3-4 weekly sessions are enough to support the body to be back to a balanced state.

May it may take longer, knowing it can also be helping to work with both partners.

Also, I can't give you any guarantees. But I would be happy to try my best to support you the best I can.


Single fertility treatment

Duration                         Mobile service


60 min                        £ 55  

90 min                        £ 70

Bundle  5 fertility treatments

    Duration                                     Mobile service


60 min each            £ 250     (Reduced to £ 50 each)  

90 min each            £ 325      (Reduced to £ 65 each)  

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